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6 large inadvertently harm your baby

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1 6 large inadvertently harm your baby on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:35 pm


Using hot water to soak her feet is one of the biggest mistakes parents.

During feeding and baby care, some inadvertent, but the parents did not notice inadvertently harm the baby. Let's review and draw experiences Nhe!

A. Shake the baby when closing
When you hold your baby, your attention should not shake, so you have accidentally hurt your baby is very dangerous especially for children from 10 months old or younger. At that time, the baby's neck is very weak, not enough to lift her head, the baby's brain is very soft and not fixed. When you shake, the town was the baby's brain, and touch the skull, the small blood vessels are torn, bleeding and damage in the brain. The smaller year-old child, the more dangerous, especially children from 10 months old or younger.

When you hold your baby, your attention should not shake. (Photo).

Two. For baby's tummy gets a cold
Your baby's stomach is extremely sensitive to air temperature, and fear most is being cold. When she caught a cold stomach, intestinal motility increases cause abdominal pain, diarrhea. From that affect absorption of nutrients to the baby and the baby's resistance will decrease more susceptible to infectious diseases more.

3. She smiled at her punches are eating
The gateway of the pharyngeal airway and esophagus, laughing while eating food that could easily fall into the windpipe, causing coughing incessantly. If the food is hard to fall into the trachea so that food can be masked or a branch of the tracheal airway, causing the baby's respiratory problems, very dangerous for the baby.

4. Use hot water to wash her feet
Use hot water to wash the feet or foot is often the parent application when the foot aches, but if we also apply it with a baby is a huge mistake. Babies have chubby feet and most flat soles. Foot dome formation in about 2-3 years and then gradually to complete the age of 10. Foot arch works to animate the legs when he steps up and running, protecting blood vessels and nerves in the soles of the feet. Use hot water to wash or soak her feet will cause the ligaments in the feet stretched out, legs which will become "flat", not the soles arched as usual.

Five. Leather shoes for baby when baby is learning to walk
As babies start walking, you have to prepare for him a proper shoes. There are many parents shopping for her a beautiful pair of leather shoes. But actually the shoes, the soles of shoes and nose quite hard, a hard sole shoes and tight will restrict her activities of legs, makes them prone to foot pain, affecting the baby walker.

6. Get wax baby
Earwax also have its specific uses, such as prevent dust, flying insects in your ear, noise reduction, protection of the eardrum ... The ears of the infant has not developed a comprehensive, very soft skin and cartilage. The mother took the baby if the wax will be very careful not to tear delicate skin in the ear causing the infection, and severe than is possible eardrum damage, affecting your baby's hearing. helpful tips for parents

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