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Save electricity and electrical safety: Simple but effective

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Q: My family always used up more months 200kWh electricity (well actually only the device family activities such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, electric rice cookers, water heaters and 6 Lamp ). Please, these devices all use the savings each month about how many kWh of electricity?


To save electricity, you first need to adjust family habits such as wasting electricity out of the room forget to turn off the lights, turn on the TV but not watch, turn the hot water too long, redundant hot water does not run out .. . Then see which devices are to be used in the form of electricity-saving devices have not and if not, should be replaced by energy saving devices. For example, instead of using compact fluorescent light bulb, tube light tube light tubes to replace smaller pipes ...

Q: My family of poor families, recently cut the electricity price regime of the electricity sector incentives for using too 50kWh/thang. The electricity sector can advise me to use the most electricity savings (families with three lamps, a cooker, a super power, a television and two electric fans)?


To use the power saving, we must first turn on the building equipment habit only when required to use. With the facility of your home, can refer to a few comments as follows:

- For lights: Use fluorescent lamps instead of the small tube to tube fluorescent lamps, long life and brightness is not reduced but save power. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of tungsten (incandescent), have a longer life bulb, 75-80% energy savings compared to the light bulb.

- With a rice cooker: It should be noted that the cooking time from the beginning until the rice is cooked 40 minutes, so need to select the start time cook accordingly. When rice is cooked pull the plug, not to long ripening regime. When the rice is boiling, should cover.

- With TV: Select TV has screen size appropriate to the needs that should not choose too large power-consuming. Do not let the TV is too bright, sounds too large power-consuming. When you do not see it shut down without the TV turned off by the controller.

- With electric fans: On the wind speed just enough for the demand. Regular maintenance, oil for the fans.

- With electric kettle: Electric Kettle will save electricity more often than warm warm super fast speed cooking time will prevent heat loss.
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