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Keep your baby healthy during the spring

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1 Keep your baby healthy during the spring on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:34 pm


To spring, very little or infections in the respiratory, circulatory and digestive tract.

Respiratory Disease
In the chilly weather of spring, he very runny nose, sneezing, respiratory infections and asthma.

The rooms: The best method is to keep your baby warm, wear a mask outside for children. Indoors, you can use grapefruit peel, Bo fired up to get the warmth in the room.

Also, the diet, especially vitamin C supplements is a good condition to prevent common diseases in children. Every day, children should drink orange juice, tangerine, drink plenty of water. If your baby cough, baby drink warm tea with honey sufficient quantity.

The stomach-related diseases such as diarrhea, duodenal ... very common in children.

How to avoid: For hygienic food, clean food, clean drinking, use boiled water. If you drink soft drinks over the use of sterilization. Eat hot foods, warm as the hot broth, add spices to warm the body, such as ginger, garlic, pepper ...

During the meal, need to add more protein, meat, fish, vegetables sufficient to provide enough vitamins to the body ... She has set for the correct eating habits of regular hours, eat less, but divided into several times a day to avoid hunger. Importantly, the habit should wash hands before eating to reduce exposure of bacteria to food.

Infectious Diseases
In the spring, the air was damp, cold is a good environment for pathogens to proliferate. Also, in her immune system is poor, sick very fast start. Pink eye, allergies, skin rash, hepatitis ... appear with great frequency. If not prevented in time, will lead to unpredictable consequences.

How to avoid: Need to keep your house clean, washing the baby during the day. On the street, keep warm legs, arms, neck, wear a mask for the baby to prevent the penetration of pollen into the ear, nose and throat. Regarding diet, need to eat more green vegetables such as baby warm soup of vegetables, fruits such as grapes, oranges, tangerines ... While preparing food, attention to work for a little ginger and garlic to prevent diseases caused by virus. helpful tips for parents

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