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7 kinds of vegetable dishes for summer cooling

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The suggestions below will help you choose for yourself and family with delicious, cool, add in the hot summer day.

Green beans: With the sweet, the cool and detoxify the heat energy, green beans are ideal foods hot season. You can use green beans to cook porridge, cooked or brewed into tea sprouts are preserved nutritional value.

Melon: In addition to the pulp used to make soup or juice drinks, you can also take advantage of excellent wife to drink tea instead.

Cucumber: The sweet, cool, diuretics are the advantages of this fruit. You can eat raw, mixed mannequin, make pickles or salt left.

Spinach: helps clear heat vegetables is especially beneficial colon. In addition, spinach also contains many other beneficial nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamin C and Lysine.

Lemon: The sour, calculated average, very good for refreshment in the hot season, especially for people with digestive disorders often, anorexia, fatigue, dry throat, mouth, thirst ... You can use fresh lemon juice mixed with sugar as a beverage, soak with salt or spices in the meal.

Bitter melon: Bitter melon has a bitter taste, welding properties, helps clear heat, detoxify. You can eat fresh, boiled, fried, soup or cut into slices, dried brake drink tea instead. The bitter, but it stimulates insulin secretion, people often eat bitter melon did not have diabetes.

Vegetables should be: clear heat, diuretic, parsley is the ideal choice for people with atherosclerosis, hypertension and thyroid disease.
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