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helpful tips for parents

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1 helpful tips for parents on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:28 pm


No less embarrassing when the maternal abdominal pain, itching or insect bites. Refer to the following tips useful light.

A. She was biting insect
- The mother can mix one drop of essential oil of green tea with a drop of olive oil to coat the room with the baby insect bites, stings will not swell.

- Direct Rub lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or a diluted salt into the wound will reduce the itching immediately.

- Toothpaste (mint toothpaste better than) that coolant can help relieve itching immediately. She insect bites or stings, the mother can get toothpaste applied to the wound for me.

- Plastic aloe leaves many parents also choose to apply to the wound when the skin or sunburn.

Two. Baby has diaper rash
A diaper rash is quite lucky though common in children but are easily treated and prevented.

Should change diapers for baby 2 hours once or more if needed. If your baby has signs of intimidation, use gel or calendula ointment (from a type of chrysanthemum) or zinc oxide cream to soothe wounds intimidation.

- The mother can also take green tea to wash your child to soothe and heal wounds intimidation. At the same time for baby wear loose clothing, cool.

3. When colic
Many children with abdominal pain but has not said so should only be expressed by crying, even many hours crying makes parents extremely impatient. If baby is crying and expression in hand to her belly is probably colic. The abdominal massage for her mother to make her more comfortable. Also parents should avoid food allergies as common as eggs, coffee, onion, garlic, strawberries ... (If breastfeeding).

- Be included abdominal pain abdominal swelling: Use a warm compress on your abdomen and gently massage your baby. Your baby will feel more comfortable if the "deflated" to be.

- Abdominal pain with vomiting baby: Add water and food sources of many countries such as soup, porridge. This is most likely be because of food poisoning. Poisoning beyond its control, need for hospitalization baby soon.

4. Were tingling
He may be itching due to allergies or insect bites. When the baby would be very annoying itch. The mother can follow the following ways to reduce the itching for me.

- The little oatmeal (oatmeal) into muslin cloth (poplin), rolled into a ball. Use this ball compresses to itchy for me.

- Avoid exposure to the highly alkaline soap and other industrial chemicals. Avoid food allergies such as seafood, eggs, ...

- The mother should use warm water to wash your child and use Cetaphil skin cleanser applied to the skin itchy, dry skin if you can use Lacticare solution.

- Take 2-3 bitter melon cooked for her daily bath. The hateful notes will disappear.

- Tolerance 300 g cooked with fresh ground water for bathing. Or use 100 g of fresh lean ground pounding with less salt, add 100 ml boiled water and then squeezed the water, 2-3 times a day. Residue cover on the swelling.

Five. When your baby sleep problems
Many children are "likely" that form very late very tired parents to send their children to sleep. Some tips below can help her a lot more tiring for me to go to bed.

- Keep your baby warm milk (contains tryptophan, a sedative such as chamomile tea).

- Also, can squeeze a few drops of lavender into your baby's bath water before bedtime.

In many cases, the baby can sleep due to lack of calcium. If you see more signs like a lot of sweating, restless sleep, crying the night ... Parents should seek early medical examination light.

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