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Signs should be noted in young children

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1 Signs should be noted in young children on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:37 pm


You can not predict when babies will get sick, any case you can treat and when should I call the doctor.

For couples preparing for their parents and they often spend more time preparing during pregnancy to welcome new members of the family. However, you can never know when the baby will get sick, in case you can treat and when should I call the doctor. Here are eight signs of illness in babies under 6 months old and a few general guidelines about when you should call your doctor.

A. Fever
Fever is not a disease but their bodies react to a disease. Call your doctor if your baby under 3 months old and has a temperature above 38oC anus or your baby from 3-6 months old and has a temperature over 38.5 ° C. Anal. Even if the temperature is lower than the general provisions, call your doctor if your baby appears symptoms like rash, irritability, poor feeding, difficulty breathing, stiff neck, vomiting or diarrhea constantly; have signs of dehydration or lethargy, difficulty waking.

Two. Dehydration
Dehydration can occur if the young poor appetite, fever, extreme heat; continuous vomiting or diarrhea. You may have noticed dehydration if your baby dry your lips and gums, less urination, no tears to cry or fontanel appears slightly subsided. If you think your baby is dehydrated, call your doctor.

3. Diarrhea
Diarrhea is common in newborns, call your doctor if bloody stools (can distinguish bright red or more serious is black), newborns come loose more than 6 times a day.

4. Vomiting
Babies often "reflux" but the frequent vomiting can be a worrying problem. Vomiting is not serious if it happened only once or twice. If, however, occur more frequently, vomiting with blood or green, or if they become dehydrated, call your doctor.

Five. Shortness of breath
If your baby home with signs of trouble breathing, call your doctor or ambulance.

Some signs of trouble breathing:
Shortness of breath than usual.
Coo when more young nearby.
The tissue between the ribs, above the collar bone or on the ridges of the abdomen when they inhale
Infant's soft spot much throbbing.
Each child's skin and pale.

6. Redness, pus or bleeding
If the child's navel or penis red, pus or bleeding, call the doctor because this is a sign of infection.

7. Rash
Hives are very common in children, call your doctor if a rash appears in the wide area, especially on the face or is accompanied by fever, pus, bleeding or swelling and hives if infected.

8. Colds
Upper respiratory tract infections usually caused by viruses and are very common in infants. Respiratory infection usually lasts a week or two accompanied by a runny nose, fever and anorexia for a few days; sore throat may last two to three weeks. If these symptoms appear more severe, see your doctor.

Call your doctor if:
The child's temperature higher than 38oC for children under 3 months old or above 38.5 ° C for babies from 3 to 6 months old.
Children with a rash or difficulty breathing as described above.
Children often stirring and crying.
Severe cough or coughing blood incessantly.
They begin to vomit.
The sick child's symptoms last longer than two weeks.
In any case, if you worry baby you're really home sick, trust your intuition and call your doctor! helpful tips for parents

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