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After a cold otitis prone children

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1 After a cold otitis prone children on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:36 pm


Most children aged 3-6 years old with at least one ear infection and usually occurs after a cold. The level is very painful ear infection but are difficult to discern the level of pain when the child was too young to communicate verbally.

Middle ear to just behind a pea in the ear drum, 3 tiny bones transmit vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear, converted into nerve impulses to help us hear. Middle ear is connected to the ear nose and throat by cock. Normal atrial help balance the pressure inside and outside the ear, and drying the fluid in the middle ear. Most ear infections occur after the child has a cold and often accompanied by swelling and inflammation of the ear.

When the hose nozzle clogging ear infection completely, causing fluid buildup in the middle ear. The fluid affecting hearing impairment in mild, because the eardrum and the ossicles in the middle ear transmit sound vibrations difficulty in translation. On the other hand, staying in the middle ear service create the ideal environment for bacteria and viruses cause disease development. Translate inflammation and pus presses make children very sore ear.

Signs of children with otitis media
Young children as ear pain and fatigue have expressed different cries bitter tears when hungry or sleep. If you note can recognize the cry of the baby when sick. Perhaps the cry of the movement in the jaw and face would make an earache increases, so will the other cries. Children can see or pull ears and do not respond to sound by hearing has soured.

When a child complains of pain that lasts more than a day ear or fever, you should take her to visit the ENT specialist. If you see blood and pus, there may be a sign the child had been torn eardrum. Common in children too young to be able to tell you they have pain. So while taking care of baby from 4-24 months of age, you need to alert for signs of insomnia, irritability and poor appetite after the child has a cold.

Your doctor can check and see if it vibrates the eardrum in response to atmospheric pressure or not. If the eardrum does not move freely, a sign of fluid in the middle ear. Making maps for assessment eardrum eardrum movement is good or not; do map to identify hearing loss hear signs in children.

Prolonged infections or recurrent lesions may cause the eardrum, ear bones and middle ear structures, which can cause permanent deafness.

Care and prevention
When determining a child has otitis media caused by infection, your doctor will use antibiotics for children from 5-10 days. Effective medication, the child will be better in a few days, but you do not stop medication too soon may cause recurrent infections and drug-resistant bacteria.

Most children with fluid in the ear after about 2 months from inflammation. If fluid in the middle ear affects the child's hearing or recurrent ear infections do not respond to antibiotics, doctors can insert a small tube through the eardrum to drain and help balance the pressure between the middle and inner ear out to improve hearing children. Eardrum canal procedure requires general anesthesia.

Sick child care: pain medication like acetaminophen correct dosage according to age and weight of the child, as directed by your doctor or instructions on the can use the drug. Do not take aspirin for children under 16. Ears warm compresses abutments using warm water compresses to relieve pain for children. Small ears with anesthetic drugs containing prescription from a doctor to relieve pain. Do not use ear drops if they have runny ears. To make children more comfortable, loving parents to children.

Prevention: Can reduce risk to children by: choose the child care are small because more young children more vulnerable to colds and infections spread. Avoid your child inhaled tobacco smoke, the best is no smoking in places where young children. Mothers should breast feed for at least the first year because of breast milk transmission immunity and help protect them against ear infections and other infectious diseases. helpful tips for parents

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