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Understanding narrow foreskin

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1 Understanding narrow foreskin on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:32 pm


Narrow foreskin is a condition common in children, but she does not need to heat or circumcision. 80% of the skin narrow foreskin can heal itself when you grow up and do not require treatment before 6 years of age.

The concept of narrow foreskin
Provided the skin is an external structure covered circumcision. In this skin glands that secrete mucus to accumulate plaque will create a layer between the white genital circumcision and foreskin skin. In newborns, circumcision is a narrow skin condition due to normal physiological skin's natural adhesive provided with the circumcision. As a teenager, growing penis, big and long, the foreskin will slip out.

About 50% of children 1 year old, 90% of children 3 years and 99% more likely to slip a 17-year-old foreskin normal skin. American Academy of Pediatrics and Canadian Pediatric Society recommends against trying to slip the skin provided for infants under 1 year old.

Many cases misdiagnosed
Every year, Children's Hospital Central, South learning unit (Medical University Hospital HCMC) examination and counseling for many long leather case or narrow foreskin foreskin skin. Of these, approximately 20 cases indicated circumcision. In summer, the number increased to visit her. In particular, some children 3-6 years old to check for skin adhesion narrow foreskin by circumcision the skin is hot in the private medical facility several years ago.

Some cases are diagnosed early and narrow leather provided only to cut but is in fact buried penis (common in overweight children, the penis and foreskin are indented).
Where the need for surgery

Currently, the literature are not recommended circumcision before the age of one. After 6 years, if there is a narrow foreskin skin disease should be treated with steroid creams before (instead of circumcision surgery).

In children under six years old, provided the skin is usually narrow physiological and just treatment as obstructing the urinary tract infection or inflammation. About 90% after 3 years she can easily slip the skins provided. Do not try to slip the skin provided early to avoid pain, bleeding or foreskin may stick to skin and circumcision is circumcision is scarring in the skin, causing skin narrow foreskin secondary.

In a large baby or adult, narrow foreskin skin condition should be distinguished with a short wire to win (though the two conditions usually comes together). Narrow leather circumcision in children and adults, if there is no serious problem, you can use non-surgical methods, including:

Steroid cream (betamethasone 0.1%): Apply in 4-6 weeks. This method is easy to use, low cost, low risk, highly effective compared with surgery.

Manual hot foreskin skin, of bladders or other equipment: Initially, doctors made house but then people can do. This method has the advantage that light, does not cause stress but not heat properly can cause bleeding and cause adhesion of the fibers.

Do not circumcision in cases of primary holes closed lower, deformed penis (eg, curved penis, buried penis, small penis) because the skin needs to fix the rules early this malformation.

Can cause penile cancer
Narrow foreskin stagnant urine and hygiene problems, likely to cause infection circumcision, foreskin skin, urinary tract, affecting the kidneys. In case of skin foreskin slipped up but did not give the normal position, will form the next contraction tightened foreskin foreskin swelling skin, causing pain, stuffy narrow skin called foreskin. This is an emergency need to intervene immediately.

Narrow leather foreskin can lead to penile cancer ... Also, when mature, narrow foreskin skin can hurt when erectile penis, obstructing the course outline.

If the ointment is not effective and the foreskin is still narrow, swollen skin foreskin during urination or frequent foreskin infections, urinary tract infection should be circumcision. Circumcision may help prevent penile cancer, urinary tract infections, the disease is spread through sexual contact. The risk of HIV infection among non-circumcision higher than 2-8 times higher than the cut. Circumcision does not affect sexual function. helpful tips for parents

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