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Allergic children: Guarding the gateway to suffering homeowners

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Young children are more susceptible to allergic reactions from the gastrointestinal tract, the body has not fully developed immune system is not complete.

Age also are at risk for allergies, but children are more likely to separate allergies from the gastrointestinal tract, the body has not fully developed immune system is not complete.

So parents need to pay attention to prevent the child.

Excessive diligence
Allergies are the body's response to the agent that "strangers" from the outside - often referred to as antigens. Normally, the body always has components called antibodies to protect. When an antigen penetration, immediately the right antibodies to protect against the body. Excessive reaction between antigen and antibody would create an allergic reaction.

Manifestations of allergy is very diverse, with many levels. (Photo).

The antigen may be here: food, drugs, pollen, dust and other kinds of insect venom ... or sometimes simply the sudden changes in ambient temperature. Antigen can be exposed to the body through many ways: skin, respiratory or digestive tract. In particular, the penetration through the gastrointestinal tract is indeed danger due to the contact area of ​​the gastrointestinal mucosa larger. Young children are prone to allergies from the gastrointestinal tract is the first time in my life by exposure to different foods, is also the first contact with the antigen.

Manifestations of allergy is very diverse, with many levels. Usually manifested as skin rash, redness, hives, or eczema, dermatitis the location. Or it may be sudden runny nose, sneezing, runny nose, coughing continuously, wheezing, shortness of breath. Gastrointestinal manifestations in common and atypical symptoms and is easily overlooked: vomiting, loose stools, or vomit blood is heavier, the most severe form of allergic reaction is anaphylaxis: the allergic applications can be fatal if not timely emergency!

Many studies show gastrointestinal allergy in children more likely to occur if the child is not breastfed in the first months of life. Cow's milk allergy is the cause of most common in young children. Children often are allergic to cow's milk protein expression is common: rash around the mouth and lips, baby milk has dropped to where a rash to it, some children manifested by diarrhea or vomiting . In the best case only breastfeeding, if mother has no milk to switch to soy milk, or milk protein hydrolysis part.

Children are often very allergic family. If one parent has a history of allergy, the child is 25-30% likely to have the disease, and the number will increase to 50-80% if both parents have a history of allergy. However, if their parents are allergic, then I still have 15% chance of getting allergies.

How prevent allergies?
If children in the atopic (allergic nature family) are very difficult to prevent, but also some cases can be prevented by:

- When pregnant, women should have a diet full of nutrients, not smoking, not drinking alcohol.

- Right after birth, children must be breastfed early and continued breastfeeding for at least six months.

- Dietary supplements should only be fed when she was six months old, at which point the baby's digestive tract has a relatively complete and ready to receive the new form of food than milk. Tap your child become familiar with new foods; with protein derived from seafood such as shrimp, crabs, fish ... only feed when the baby was seven months old, start eating a little, then gradually increase. Children need to live in healthy environment, low dust, not coal smoke, smoke.

- If for any reason, children can not breastfeed or need to add more milk than breast milk allergic manifestations that should be transferred drink soy milk or milk allergy relief (denoted as HA - hypoallergenic - works reductions in milk protein allergy has been hydrolyzed into amino acids, in other words, the protein has been chopped up - the bigger protein allergies).

The milk is supplemented probiotic (good bacteria for digestion) like yogurt also help reduce allergies in children, because probiotic supplement in the diet of children has been proven to be one of the allergy prevention methods effectively. helpful tips for parents

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